This is not a site about a legendary french car.

This is the story of Kini's life.


On a cold winter's day, a Kini was born. It was that cold, that You could not call it warm any more. He was really lucky, it was lunchtime right then, so there was a warm soup quite soon to keep the little man warm.

So after escaping death by freezing very closely right at birth, he could begin to explore the world. His knowledge continously rose, but his curiousness could not be finally satisfied.

That is why it happened, the Kini betook himself to an educational establishment. His hope was to broaden his mind, but even after ten years of intensive, strictly catholic, humanistic  and natural scientific education, the Kini did not feel like having achieved his aim.

He was a very religous young man and he realised, his prayers made a dent and they came true. This was his daily morning prayer:

O Lord, please give me

-the strength to change things, that I can change,

-the placidity to accept things, that I cannot change, and

-the wisdom to differretiate between the one thing and the other.

And even though it did not always work with the strength -  the placidity that was given to him allowed him to live his life with his hearth filled with peace.

Tired of endless theory, the Kini decided to turn his back to the establishments of mental toughening and  to favour the world with his hands work. He hired himself out at a master of craft for he might teach him the secrets of mechanics.

As soon as the years of apprenticeship were over, the Kini had to realise that craft does not have golden ground  but empty coffers.

Again the Kini had to search for someone, who was willing to exchange his labour for cash. After some meanders he found somebody who remunerated a Kini's work in an acceptable way.

On this eshausting way through the world, the Kini tripped over the sprawled legs of a woman. A woman who was about to be eager for the Kini's company. Very quickly the Kini recognized that it was time to elect a Kinigin for himself and so soon there was celebrated an espousal at the Kini's house.

It did not take too long, and the Kini and his Kinigin were granted to be happy about a little prince in their house, and the second prince followed betimes. When finally a third prince enriched the life in the Kini's family, the luck seemed to be perfect.

At this point the author would make the evil mother-in-law appear, to fill the story with a special kind of dramatic. But the Kini does not want this. And the Kini's will is my command!

So well, the Kini lived happily and contently with his Kinigin and the three princes...


At least the Kinigin seems she was not contently living, because in her mind differrent plans were growing.

So it happened that the Kini could live his life along in freedom again.

After a few little problems at the beginning of this solo life, this now works pretty good and so now he is living happily and contently...


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